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Founded in October of 2010 by Konstantinos G. Georgakopoulos, Sea Forward is a freight forwarding and logistics organization, based in the maritime and logistics hub of Antwerp, Belgium.
Carrying forward the multi-year maritime experience of the founder, Sea Forward aims to deliver sustainable and real added-value services to its customer base, and to share the acquired expertise with all the involved stakeholders of the supply chain.
Through an initial alliance with a well-established organization in the sector, and today fully independent, Sea Forward is proud to continue to yield strong market performance and high customer satisfaction levels.
At Sea Forward we understand the needs and logistical expectations of sellers and buyers of goods, we consider all involved stakeholders of the supply chain as our valued partners, and we are continuously thinking forward on behalf of all!
Looking FW to C’eeing you on board!

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Freight forwarding is our core business, but we go far beyond that!

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Sea Forward is already well established in the maritime freight forwarding market, with a long and strong expertise in the shipping of controlled-temperature foodstuffs. 
An expertise which we are proud to be sharing daily with our clients in their respective markets within Europe and the Mediterranean region.


Whether it is pure forwarding, or more complex logistics, our added-value is generated by our understanding of the needs of our clients and, most importantly, the needs of the particular product we are appointed to handle.


At Sea Forward we also understand that our clients are core stakeholders in the overall supply chain.
We therefore consider it our duty to be able to consult our clients on supply chain management and solutions, either for improving existing, or designing together new approaches and methods.
It is also our duty and strategic approach to continuously invest in the relevant technologies and systems, which are increasingly an integral part of an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective supply chain. These systems are the value-added tools which are at the disposal of our clients, because we know that the client of today wants to invest from his side in a partner and not just in a supplier.


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